الرئيسيةإعلام المجلسالبيانات الصحفيةبيان صادر عن المجلس المحلي حول التحقيق بقضية مقتل ابو ساكو الشربجي

Statement about the last events regarding the toxic gas attack on Daraya

Local Council for the City of Daraya
Medical Office

In light of the major escalation witnessed recently by the Syrian cities including the city of Daraya, which is being bombarded daily with explosive barrels and artillery, the regime targeted the Eastern Sector of the city with bombs carrying toxic (chemical) gases on the morning of Monday the 13th of January, 2014. This resulted in the injury of 14 persons at the site of the explosion whom were immediately rushed to an emergency unit with the following symptoms:
- Shortness of breath and deficiency in Oxygen
- Pinpoint pupils
- Runny nose and excessive salivation
- Nausea and vomiting
- Severe headache and abdominal pain
- Loss of consciousness and general fatigue
- Blurry vision and mental confusion
All available medication and care were provided through air pipe 
All available first aid was provided by giving bronchodilators, Atropine, antiallergics, anticonvulsants and pain relievers and were very well ventilated. However, no meaningful treatment against toxins was administered due to the lack of it in the hospital .

One of the injured died immediately while the other three patients died within five hours, and the rest of the patients began to improve after treatment while remaining in critical condition and are currently being observed in the hospital. The severe symptoms have begun to subside and all patients continue to improve with continued treatment .
We, the medical office of the local council of the city of Daria, hold the criminal regime responsible for the use of chemical weapons and its consequences, and call upon the International Committee for the Inspection for chemical weapons to enter the city Daraya and examine the patients in person and also call on the international organizations to take a stand towards what is happening and play a role in stopping the killing and destruction.

15 January 2014